The Original Theory of Evolution is By The Buddha, not Darwin
Only He Called it Becoming



Like the day follows the night, the world will soon wake up to the fact that, the sensory becoming theory holds the key to how and why species transform. This concept embraces the pleasure and pain principle, an action theory, impact of conditioning of the individual,  and an ethical theory, which together make up the creature qualities, and above all  the implications of self-centered sensory greed of individuals and their groups, while aligning elements of natural selection in their proper relationship. The fact-finders will, no doubt, realise before long, that it is consistent, rational, logical and inclusive, unlike Darwin’s theory of evolution.

This site has been launched for the sole purpose of enlightening the reader of this elusive fact of life.


In fact, global opinion about existence is divided between two main schools of thought; one embraces the Judeo-Christian account of how it all came to be.(By Judeo-Christian is meant, Judaism, Christianity and Islam taken together). They teach us that: 

The world and its beings are a creation by an external God. Then logically it follows that, one’s body, mind and destiny have been preordained. But common sense prompts that, no individual has ever put in a request to be created or even solicited The Creator for conditions inherited here and now. In fact no single person had a choice to his " PSYCHO-PHYSICAL-SITUATION " composition. So why should individuals be called to account for their actions has not been elucidated by the true believers.

These are generally termed Deterministic Theories of  the fatalistic Variety.

The other dogma expounds this phenomenon by means of " Natural selection " , which, they insist, answers most of the questions about the how and the why of this transformation of species.

According to their doctrine, you are nothing but the end product of a whole sequence of accidental, " chances " . So here too, you are deprived of choices, since it is the blind play of material forces that has brought you to being.

Needless to point out, both schools are advocating pure determinism - one fatalistic the other mechanistic. Going by these theories, if we are created by an external force, then this very same force has undeniably fashioned our body and mind. Then we are compelled to act utilising the machinery so inherited. Ergo our motivations and destiny are totally " locked in " .

Repercussions as a result of such predictably “imprisoned” deterministic thinking are glaringly evident.

The Judeo-Christians provided us with Holy wars, inquisitions, witch-burning, stoning to death for adultery, intolerance, repression of any progressive ideas and currently Holy terror, to just name a few in passing.

The Darwinian mechanistic " survival of the fittest " model has had far more insidious impact in modern times. Such vague, hazy, unscientific and poly-dimensional concepts justified elitism, hate, racism, tribalism, war, holocaust, colonisation, and a mystical economic destiny of the favoured nations.

Decidedly as an individual you’re denied choices, and your destiny is pre-determined. Indeed your life and fate have been either chartered out by an uncompromising God, or are at the mercy of a ‘chance’ genetic lotto.

Now for the first time in Modern history I am humbly exposing the lost, un-deciphered and often misunderstood message containing the ultimate truth, viz, the Principle of Sensory Becoming. Which is the one and only non-deterministic theory in EXISTENCE. Here I will establish the staunch psychological fact that you possess the sole controlling power over your own destiny and that you are the chief architect of your own fate.

Indeed no one would dispute the fact that one’s existence is fired by one’s own desires, sensory requirements, greed, jealousy, love and hate, pleasure and pain, aims and aspirations, suffering and longing, etc., etc. Such real qualities propel your actions and fashion your future. To the two deterministic schools, such vital creature qualities are of no significance.

   Once you have examined this web site intelligently, you are bound to make a quantum jump in the field of information and advanced knowledge. Ignoring this opportunity would mean, wallowing and struggling in this inescapable becoming process which is existence. Inability to grasp the Sensory Becoming concept is to muddle through life (or to use a better word, through ‘Sansara’ the incessant sequence of birth-death-birth process of suffering). Adverse retribution will automatically follow suit, in the form of being bogged in sensory lust with extended suffering.

In order to bring to your attention this inimitable non-deterministic concept, I present the following extracts from my work, “ORIGIN OF SPECIES ACCORDING TO THE BUDDHA” as links: -

a.)   Introduction to the revised edition, hard copy version should be in the market by end of August.

b.)   Introduction

 c.)   Chapter IV “Natural selection contra Sensory Becoming

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