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How in the world did the chimp execute such a profound genetic restructuring and physically emerged with a reformed human genetic code? Keeping in mind that mutation in the cell in higher Taxa will terminate in cancer, and would not end miraculously owning a reformed genetic code. Darwinists are yet to present their ‘scientific’ version for this vital question.

Using Sensory becoming as basis principle, I looked more closely at the Pali text, and then it dawned on me, how speciation transpires.  I present these findings in Chapter 7 ‘Speciation According to the Buddha’ in the revised and enlarged 3rd edition which has been published in August 2007 by :-

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'The Origin of Species According to the Buddha'

The Sensory Becoming

 Front Page write up.

Creationists profess that species were fashioned in their present form.

Darwinists claim that ‘Natural selection’ is the ‘scientific base’ for the evolution and diversity of species.

But according to the Buddha, neither explains life realistically.


Back page write up

The Creationists profess that species were fashioned in their present form.

The Darwinists claim that ‘natural selection’ is the ‘scientific base’ for the evolution of species.

Yet no individual we know of has put in a request to be created, or be begotten.

So going by these tenets, individuals are as if ‘pieces of corks helplessly drifting along a swiftly flowing river’ treacherously  exposed to every hazard, impediment and pitfall.  Naturally for we find them lacking of any power to navigate their destiny and life it seems is fatalistically or mechanistically preordained.

Then how in the world can these helpless individuals be held accountable for their actions?

On the other hand in nature we find, all mortals rabidly striving to fulfil their sensory needs and satiate their desires.

While the Darwinists assert that it is the fittest with advantages that go on to propagate and phase out, the Judeo-Christian sects bid its adherents to ‘kneel down and pray’, if they are to receive any solace to their pathetically deplorable circumstances.

Given the persuasive power of such dogmas, individuals are left suspended in an intellectual limbo.

Regrettably these ‘God loves us and we love God’ and ‘survival of the fittest’ has spawned this current state of confrontation and unrest in the global society.

They incited both ideological camps to disregard the 2550 years old rational explanation why creatures struggle to survive and cling to life, in spite of adversity, hardship and suffering.

Indeed according to the Buddha, there was neither creator nor a soul to an individual. Nor was he able to unearth a heaven or a hell in some unspecified space. In fact he discovered that the transformation of species is not triggered by chance or through a hapless process of accidents. And to bow down to a fatalistic (externalist) or a mechanistically deterministic (nihilist) credo is regressive to one’s well being and progress.

Buddha asserted that the laws of cause and effect governs and sustains each individual’s psycho-physical-situation. ‘The Law of impermanence’ applied to all compounds without exception. Do the Darwinists truly believe that he exempted species from such laws and that species had a ‘status quo’ to their being?

Confused? Then it is time to get acquainted with his rational explanation of life.

It will help one discover what really fired this sensory becoming process of creatures! In fact such knowledge may help rouse a more harmonious global society.

Mahinda Weerasinghe


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